Spectacle Lenses

At Vision Camberwell, we are proud to offer our patients the most advanced spectacle lenses. Our practice uses state-of-the art dispensing technology to produce customised lenses to suit your natural viewing habits.

Premium Progressive Lenses 

Progressive lenses allow a continuous range of vision from distance to near. We offer a wide range of lenses using latest innovations in progressive lens technology.

All of our progressive lenses have a three-month warranty for exchange if adaptation is an issue.

Occupational lenses

This lens design has been developed to allow excellent vision while using computers, hand-held devices and reading, offering a great option for people who spend considerable periods on a computer and reading.  Standard progressive lenses can be used on a computer but often involve unnatural head posture, leading to headache and eye strain. It can also lead to neck and shoulder pain. Occupational lenses make excellent indoor spectacles.

Spectacle lens materials

All of the described types of spectacle lenses are available in a wide range of lens indices. This ensures that your lenses are thinner and lighter, even if you have a higher prescription.

Anti-reflective coating 

An anti-reflective coating is recommended for most spectacle prescriptions. This coating is applied to the surface of the lens and reduces reflections, thereby providing clearer vision and improving the cosmetic appearance of the lenses.