Children’s Eyes

Did you know that 1 in 5 children has an undetected vision problem?

Good vision is essential for your child’s educational and social development. Undetected vision problems can interfere with your child’s learning, school performance, as well as their confidence and behaviour. Children often assume that how they see is normal; it is up to the parents to recognise signs of a vision problem. 

Common Eye Conditions affecting school-age children are: 

  • Myopia (Short-sightedness): blurry distance vision 
  • Hyperopia (Long-sightedness): difficulty focusing up close
  • Astigmatism:  (distortion of vision)

These vision problems are all resolved with a pair of spectacles; left undetected, however, these eye conditions can have a profound effect on your child’s learning and wellbeing. Symptoms commonly include tired eyes, headache, inability to concentrate, apparently short attention or being easily distracted.

A comprehensive eye examination at Vision Camberwell involves a thorough assessment of your child’s distance and near vision, focussing ability, eye coordination and ocular alignment. We also examine the health of the outside and inside of your child’s eyes. 

You can help your children to reach their full potential through regular examinations and early detection of vision problems.